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30 min course to learn the best of Danielle Elsener's 15% method for Zero Waste Design

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What To Expect In This Lesson...

  • 2

    My Design Practice

    • Introduction to My work

    • ZW Design

    • ZW Co-production

    • ZW Education

  • 3

    The 15% Method

    • Concept

    • Utility

    • Literal

    • Communication

  • 4

    Zero Waste Application

    • T-Shirt

  • 5

    Zero Waste Method

    • Introduction

    • Analyze

    • Dissect

    • Generate

    • Assign, Design & Pattern-make

    • Make, Analyze & Iterate

    • Metrics of Success

  • 6

    Design your own Zero Waste T-Shirt

    • Activity demo

  • 7


    • Design Steps - PDF Download

    • Metrics of Success - PDF Download

    • Activity Page

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  • Handouts

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Danielle Elsener

"I am a zero waste designer. I developed a complete zero-waste design system to solve industry problems through communication, sharing, and play which recently won the international Evian award. I have dedicated my life's work to proving zero-waste as a valid and robust design model and for over a decade, I have learned from industry, educational institutions, and self-run initiatives to understand how best to do this. What began as a love for puzzle solving through zero-waste pattern-making, became a way to fix the fashion industry’s biggest problem. My work revolves around the notion of 'Circling the Square,' to solve the impossible problem of sustainability within the fashion industry. It focuses on using a bold graphic language, colour theory, and pattern cutting manipulation to tell the story of its Zero Waste Design."